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Mission 9 raffle winner

Mission 9 raffle winner

A while back the guys from FLi Distribution started selling raffle tickets with a difference. Rather than a bottle of Sherry or some turkish delight, a brand new Solid Mission 9 frame was up for grabs! Finally, there is a winner!
Last year FLi Distribution worked in conjunction with www.mtb-direct.co.uk to start a raffle to win a 2009 Solid Mission 9 frame.

The 2009 frames never really made it to the UK, so they delayed the draw until now.

The 2010 frames are now available, in two colours and with a number of shock options. The 2010 frame with Cane Creek Double Barrel shock will set you back 1999.99.

The raffle price is the slightly cheaper frame with a Marzocchi shock but it's still a prize worth 1550.00!

The winner has the choice of any of the three frame sizes in either of the colours.

The winning ticket number is 5, which belongs to David Mitchell from Portsmouth. Congratulations!

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